The New Things in Microsoft EDGE at Microsoft Build 2021

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According to the latest version, the Microsoft EDGE platform continued developers with the latest user statistics.

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The New for Developers

  • WebView2 is generally available and is currently listed in WinUI 3.
  • Morgan Stanley covers Webview2 to help prove future technology.
  • WebView2-Runtime is widely available for WebView2 power.

What has been Improved?

There are 5.300 Chromium commits is accepted: create the best web for everyone for our mission to Microsoft EDGE, the best web. Since launch, we have gained more than 5300 commits in the Chrome project so that many advances we worked in Microsoft explained the experience of others with a chrome-based browser.

Edge Origin articles continue to expand: last year and was accepted by the developer community, where our main testing program is presented for new experiments until developers try and earlier.

PWAs to a Microsoft Store: Advanced Web Applications (PWAS) created on the Microsoft EDGE platform, now available in the Microsoft Store, and can also be! Spread your PAA in 3 simple steps:

  • Make an application that is booked at the Windows Center Center
  • PMA for Windows Pack with
  • Send a Microsoft store to confirm a package.

Microsoft EDGE works for next level

You are interested in developers tools, but we also know that you want excellent experience when people use their website or apply browser performance.

Since our latest version we have added our new functions to increase the browser performance and for this Microsoft EDGE will be better in Windows 10, when Microsoft runs EDGE 91, after this week! So why can we say? This is simple: batch boot and sleep pages.

First, start with the management of a group of EDGE Microsoft Basic EDGE in the background without adding additional resources when you open the Edge Edge browser. Do your computer and connect to Microsoft EDGE, much faster.

Secondly, the new SMS performance offers the Microsoft EDGE Accounttionus function when multiple browser tabs are used at the same time. To improve your Microsoft EDGE browser performance, it helps using unused tabs resources.

This month, moves while improving memory with a maximum of 82% according to the internal data collected in our sample groups. This will immediately create ads immediately when the tabs are in the background of direct resources. The Sling page also includes additional enhancements for storing system resources in Windows.

In the future, Internet Explorer finally on Microsoft EDGE.

You may have heard our latest ad that the future of Internet Explorer is located in Windows 10 in Microsoft EDGE, and Internet Explorer 11 (“IE11”) has been removed on June 15, 2022.

For selected versions of Windows 10. We know that the supply of food for specific browsers is headache for you, so this means that most of your efforts focus on modern web tests. But we left our customers and users.

Using Internet Explorer in Microsoft, consumers and settings can use IP-based websites and applications with modern Microsoft EDGE, which we call a dual engine tool in the Microsoft edge.

Using this group of retirement data, we recommend developing a plan to complete support for IE11 for sites and programs and organize a process for users to go to the Internet over time and simple ways.

When you are done we can help you. When the end users do not support their browser in another country, discussion. We can help with an organ and one-click editing to make important user data such as passwords and desired items.

Get more information about Internet Explorer users to Microsoft Edge. Hard transfer, but can be easier.

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