Microsoft is Finally Releasing an Update for Windows 11 that Fixes AMD Performance Issues

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Microsoft has released a cumulative update for Windows 11 (KB5007215). This ultimately allows AMD to improve its boot-time performance. The L3 cache issue has been fixed and should be installed everywhere on devices along with security updates and other Windows 11 fixes.

As reported late last month, AMD released a solution to this problem, but it is now embedded in the operating system. This means that more AMD users can access the real performance of the chip without having to apply other AMD or Microsoft updates.

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There is a short video on the Microsoft support site about the contents of the patch and the first issue with the L3 case affecting AMD performance. Although not explained here, it fixes “L3 cache issue with application performance issues on some AMD processors”.

Another issue that has been fixed is the new task of setting up the taskbar after upgrading to Windows 10 and not working on it.

This is a problem that we have seen for ourselves. The laptop did a soft internal preview of Windows 11, but when we upgraded to Windows 11 we couldn’t use the Start menu and the taskbar didn’t work. It’s good to see that Microsoft fixed this problem for other users because the basic way to fix the problem is to create a new account that will do a clean install.

Windows 11 should provide updates automatically unless it is interrupted for some reason. In the event of an interruption, it is recommended to check manually. It looks like Microsoft is fixing a Quick Start issue, but Windows 11 is not currently recommended for updates. To do this, we recommend that you wait for the first major update, which is planned for spring 2022.

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