Microsoft Introduced Windows 11 SE for Affordable Education Laptops

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Just a month after Microsoft introduced Windows 11 worldwide, the Redmond giant has taken a big step towards a student-friendly computer operating system. Microsoft introduced Windows 11 SE today at the Reimagine Education virtual event.

windows 11 se

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Microsoft introduces Windows 11 SE

As Microsoft calls it, Windows 11 SE is the first cloud operating system developed for kindergarten through education. It can be seen as a replacement for Windows 10 in S mode, which improves student safety and performance. The Redmond Giants team is looking for the Chrome OS in Windows 11 SE, which has become very popular and has gained a lot of trust among students and teachers.

“Windows 11 SE is optimized for the most common training experiences, such as: B. Microsoft 365 applications that support online and offline functions, ”says the official blog post.

This educational operating system is pre-installed with Office programs such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel and OneDrive. It works online and offline thanks to the Microsoft 365 license available in future 11SE laptops.

Windows 11 SE supports full screen applications by installing censored applications, reducing screen size, extending battery life, and more. It doesn’t include multiple options for instant layouts, puzzle panels, and other best new Windows 11 features to keep students comfortable. Also pre-installed with Microsoft Edge which supports Chrome extensions.

Surface Laptop SE was Introduced

What is the difference between Windows 11 SE? Microsoft claims that the new training-based computer operating system is optimized for basic laptops. The company is backing the idea with its $ 249 Surface Laptop SE. It has an 11.6-inch display, an Intel Celeron processor, up to 8 GB of RAM, up to 128 GB of internal storage, a 720p webcam and up to 16 hours of battery life.

In addition, inexpensive laptops from other manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Fujitsu, and Lenovo will join Microsoft’s Surface SE laptop in the coming months. It’s also worth noting that education-focused laptops are likely only available to schools and teachers.

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